Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Advising Pitfalls, ver. 2

Hey readers! A week and a half ago I made a post detailing some guidelines for people contacting me for magical advice and assistance. Since then, I've discovered I put the whole thing forward the wrong way and gave the wrong impression.

Since starting this blog, I've had the odd person or two contact me every now and then for advice. Usually they have been fellow magical practitioners who were seeking feedback on a particular topic, or needed someone to bounce ideas off of. I was always cool with this, because I often like to network with like-minded individuals on magical topics.

But unfortunately, contrary to the impression of the post from the other weekend, I am not actually offering free magical services. Usually, I've done client work for personal friends, but between my day job and my personal obligations, I haven't had the time to set up an online consulting business for magical services. Besides, I'm not up on the know-how of doing the business end of that...yet. If that changes, this blog will be the first place it will be announced!

I am actually working a case for a woman who contact me, because I'm sympathetic to her plight and I happened to have enough time to do some magical work for her. But she's definitely been the exception, not the norm.

The post from the other weekend was inspired by two people who contacted me within the past 6 months asking for help. To one degree or another, they were both difficult, especially the second one, in that they argued with me when *they* were the ones who sought *me* out, unsolicited. The second one especially was bad, kept dismissing most of the advice I gave and explaining all of it away (which begs the question of why he contacted me at all if he knows so much).

So in short, while I'm willing to give a bit of magical advice here and there, I'm not doing this professionally at this time, especially free-of-charge (with the exception of the woman I mentioned above). I apologize for the confusion and the misleading information.

Now, if you're interested in the magical arts and want to network, or bounce ideas off someone, that might be a better bet. ;-)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What I Call 'Traditionitis'

After the meditation posts I saw in my blog feed, I also came across a post by Brother Moloch who summed up perfectly what I have had in mind about African Religious Systems and how you'll often see practitioners of them go on to get initiations into another, and then another, and then another, etc.

Is it bad that such a thing reminds me of a Pringles commercial? ("Once you pop, you can't stop")
Check it out: Initiation Collectors

Meditation Post Roll

Going through my blog feed today, I stumbled across a couple interesting posts on meditation, and its successor, contemplation.

First, there is The Unlikely Mage's description of a recent meditation retreat he went on with his local Buddhist meditation group.

Then I found The Holiest Percher's post on contemplation. This specifically is a topic that left me a little mystified, and his post provided me with some clarity I needed. See, Jason covers contemplation in one of the lessons of Strategic Sorcery, but I wasn't sure what to make of it, because in a way it is harder to describe.

Take a gander at those two posts, if you're interested. :-)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Interesting Uncrossing Technique from Andrieh Vitimus

Andrieh Vitimus is one dude whose material I don't touch on enough. Check out his latest blog post with an uncrossing method involving peppermint candy and red palm oil. I'm definitely filing this one away for later use!

Checking In

At one point I decided to give up on saying the usual platitudes of "Sorry I haven't been around LOLOLOL." But still, I wanted to check in with an update of what I've been up to.

For the larger part, I've been working my routine practice as much as I can, although it's honestly been a bit of a struggle. It's part of that whole "Things are cool, so not much need for activity" things. I've heard of other magicians and sorcerers having a struggle with that, so in many ways it's somewhat typical.

As part of my routine work, I've continued with my regular practice in the Gentlemen for Jupiter, as well. This has usually been a toast to the Order and the legion of Jovian spirits, along with a request related to maintenance and upkeep of my finances.

Having focused on Rootwork-related magical practices for so long, and then deciding to move away from that, in some ways my magical practices became a burden of variety. I didn't know where to start.

Chatting with the Unlikely Mage, he recommended Peter J. Carroll's horribly-named book(?) or essay(?) 'Liber KKK' (Kaos Keraunos Kybernetikos), so I checked it out. In short, Liber KKK is a curriculum of magical operations covering five 'types' of magical operations across five 'styles' of magical practice.

The first five operations operate under 'Sorcery', or folk magic, which is ironic as this leads me back to Rootwork-style operations. But, I went into the first conjuration with a little gusto, as it involves something I honestly haven't done much of: Create an entity. In this case, an entity to aid in success, magical protections, information gathering and a reservoir of magical power.

I chose to assemble a poppet for this one, and honestly the procedure ended up being a step away from empowering a conjure hand. But still, the entity has been responsive and has performed its tasks well so far, so I'm looking forward to working with it further.

The last thing I wanted to cover vaguely in this post is mention of my final homework assignment in Strategic Sorcery. It's been well over a year since I finished the second-to-last assignment, and since I only have until the end of 2015 to complete the homework and graduate, I've decided to renew my focus on that.

The assignment is to take something from the course a step further, therefore advancing the art of magic. I have decided on something interesting which involves informational sorcery. Once I have completed the assignment and seen what results come from it, I'll definitely post it here.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Culture versus Magic

Readers! It's been a long time, hasn't it? As usual, I've been a busy bee with a variety of projects and tasks. Among other things, I've been learning a new language, learning to play guitar, working on my health goals, busy at my job, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!

In my magical practices, my routine stuff, the foundation of my efforts, was dropped early this year when I broke my wrist, but over the summer I picked it up, kicked it up, and managed to make it more into a daily thing, as it should be. The boost to my skills has been helpful in many cases, and making a daily practice an actual daily thing is pretty rewarding.. I still have some struggles with my practice overall, but it comes into play more due to a burden of variety.

See, modern magic has become such a melting pot of disparate sources, from a myriad of traditions and even cultures. To a wide extent, one can even say that many systems of magical practice are intrinsically linked with the cultures they arose from. Many of these, such as Quimbanda, Vodoun, Lukumi, Conjure, and more are religions in living cultures, but they do often have a sorcerous aspect to them.

Combined with the melting-pot nature of modern magic, that is where things get complicated...and seriously ugly. Especially with the African Traditional Religions (ATR's: Lukumi, Quimbanda, Vodoun, Santeria, etc), entering them in-depth requires initiation. To me, an outsider, this entails knowing and entering a community and culture that you may or may not have connections with, developing relationships with that group of people, then gaining training and eventually, initiation. This could take years, but then of course this is a living culture you're dealing with.

When it comes to the more magical paths, such as Conjure and other forms of folk magic, many of those factors come into play as well. Especially in regard to Conjure, even more factors complicate things.

With topics like folk magic, people get very defensive about their practices. Honestly, it's something I've never understood. Despite what some magical practitioners will claim, we're not Gods in any objective sense. Aside from the avoidance of sharing magical knowledge with people who will do the practices injustice, the defensiveness has never made much sense to me.

It's understandable when it involves a living least, if that culture has not abandoned the magical practice that's tied to it. For example, because so many in African American culture had moved away from it, Conjure wasn't so well known until certain folks researched it and started publishing more info about it. With Conjure's growing popularity, correspondence courses have come up, and more and more teachers have come into the public sphere.

Of course, Conjure is not the only form of folk magic out there, but it has so many aspects that make it extremely usable in addition to it's down-to-earth nature that it shares with most folk magic. And so it has generally been more popular than, for example, European folk magic. On top of that, information on has been more readily available thanks to the research of many people.

But it seems to me that this is where the ugly part comes in. Conjure is profitable. I would almost say that magic is more popular today than ever. Providing Conjure or general magical services and supplies can be pretty profitable as well. People paying for courses, supplies, books, workshops, and more bring in the  $$$.

And certain big names in modern Conjure thrive off of this, and so they get intensely defensive of their material. Sure, copyright should be protected...but if Conjure comes from a culture, how can you copyright that? In either event, the past couple years of witnessing things in Conjure online has been eye-opening in the worst way.

Near-endless drama. Big names in Conjure seem to want to control who can and cannot learn this incredibly useful and powerful magical system. Money exerts its influence, as usual, and this occult of personality brings about near-endless fighting. Just when you think it has died down, leaders in the community, along with their followers, come out with more psychosis-driven BS in their personal wars to "guard" what they feel is a part of them. Dossier files are kept on everyone, personal and credit card information is shared, individuals play both sides and act like they are hurt by having introduced person A to person B. 

Every now and then, I've witnessed some 50-something root worker or witch talk about how much it "hurts" to share information that they're lording over, or have that info pirated (which makes me question why they put it out there in the first place). I mean, really? It hurts you, psychologically damages you, to share information about some woo-woo that cannot be scientifically proven nor disproven? If THAT hurts you, you're a pretty fucking weak person to begin with. Sorry, some tough truth there, but truth it is. Radical idea here: Maybe you should calm down and shouldn't have put that information out there to begin with. Especially if it is stuff that *you* learned from other people that you've shared as though it was your own. You cannot sit there and be a gatekeeper of something that was not yours alone to begin with, and acting like a psychopath will not change that. And all that, over some unscientific woo. (Granted, I believe in that unscientific woo, but that's beside the point)

Because, like it or not, that's what it boils down to. In the eyes of skeptics, for example, all this drama and infighting is about...well, not much. That kind of puts it in perspective for me, and that's why I'm willing to share my knowledge in most cases. Sure, it's individual prerogative to protect one's original material, developed from one's own practice and research, and also to capitalize on it. But at least do so without the pretense that what you're guarding is some earth-shattering secret. People have delved into these things, researched and learned before, these "elders" are not the first nor the last to do that.

Recent events in the Conjure and the Witchcraft communities have had me thinking. Between the greedy, psychopathic "elders" of some of these communities and the intense culture warriors who turn practical magic into something about culture and finding yourself (and leaving out a lot of focus on results), for me it gives rise to a question: Is this really the price one has to pay to learn practical, effective sorcery? In modern day, that answer is no in most cases because of the sheer amount of info available online for free. But let's be real, learning magic *only* from the internet is a really half-assed way of learning it, and in my experience almost never results in a solid practitioner, in no small part thanks to the twisted, watered-down bullshit that dominates. Instead you get people who go on forums asking for handout info ("how i burn candle i very intrsteded i don't kno spelling nd grmmr") without doing their own research. Maybe because of laziness, or not knowing where to turn, or because they don't like to read for whatever reason. They will learn some of the shittiest theory (like only doing magic if it isn't for personal gain, the "Universal Threefold Law" that's total bullshit and in no way universal, results not being important, magic being all psychological, etc), and consequently end up being the most annoying, lowest common denominator.

Of course, writing that, I know I'm going to offend someone who has learned mostly from the intarwebz. But honestly, if I cared about every other person's opinion on the internet, especial if they're magical practitioners, I'd never write, so fuck it.

In a way, I see it as that usual suppression of magic, but through the guise of concern over culture and finding one's roots. I guess I just think that practical magic, while it can help, isn't necessarily the best way to get in touch with your origins, lineage, ancestry, or whatever else one uses to justify their own existence in this world.

If you feel you need to connect with your cultural roots, get into the culture, interact with the communities. Do all that, by all means. But it's not like you have to base your magical practice on that alone. Use it to work your will in the world and help shape your life into what you want it to be. THAT is where magic is strong.

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Short Rant About Karma

As a magical practitioner, I hate when people "warn" me about karma. What I hate even more is when a friend feels the need to turn to the magical arts to help herself out, and these bozos can only see fit to give her such a "warning". As if doing nothing with such a tool is the better way to go. I have a hard time taking individuals like that seriously in regard to the magical arts.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Wild Delano Appears

In the words of Granny Weatherwax, "I aten't dead!"

But holy shitsnacks and cracker's I've been busy!

Today I received an email from a FAN of mine. Srsly, I didn't know I had fans! LOL Do you know what this means???


But in a serious light, it was an amazing email to receive, and I'll be responding to this person when I...well, frankly, when I have the words. You know who you are, and I want to thank you for such an amazing message.

And that message also made me realize...I kind of dipped off the radar for a while! Looking back, I haven't blogged, I've barely touched my twitter account (until maybe 24 hours ago), and I didn't even think about any forums I'm on until earlier last week.

Basically, a lot of things started happening a while back. Not bad, not good, just very very busy. Most of that month was involved in something from my job that left me working long hours and coming home pushing the boundaries of exhaustion (both physical and mental). In addition to that, I've been focusing on a few goals of mine at the mundane level while planning some magical strategies for them as well. And on top of all that, I ended up overextending myself when it came to social engagements.

So, for the past couple of weeks, I've been working towards restoring some kind of normalcy in life. And even with the little dead/busy period I've found myself in, synchronous happenings have been coming along that have been calling me back into working toward a lot more magical activity. And I've listened!

I don't know how much new stuff I will be posting in the next week or two, dear readers, but I'm definitely getting back in the groove!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

R.I.P. - Donald Michael Kraig

Many in Occultdom found out yesterday that Donald Michael Kraig has died of pancreatic cancer. Honestly, we've been losing too many teachers, in my humble opinion, given the recent death of Eddy Gutierrez.

In a recent post where I listed the most influential books on my path, there were several I left out. Kraig's book 'Modern Magick' was one of them. While I don't practice much of what is in that book anymore, it proved incredibly helpful when I finally quit practicing Wicca. It gave me a new framework to go off of, and a structured set of lessons to help orient me.

In fact, I practiced the brand of ceremonial magic in that book for a good couple years, and there was a good amount of benefit I gained from it. It was one of a few books that really illustrated the need for a daily/regular magical practice.

There are things in 'Modern Magick' that I disagree with and don't like, but a person could do far worse with other books out there.

So, I give thanks to Mr. Kraig for his work. May he rest peacefully, and may he continue in death the good work he did in life.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Update 03/18/2014

Hello again, dear readers!

This is just another update on my practices and what I've been up to. So without further ado...

Not a lot has changed here, although there are two areas which I have been a bit more active in.

First, thanks to Jack Faust, I am changing the way I do my sigils. The first few have been much more satisfactory, visually and magically.

Second is thralls. I made another one recently, it worked well, and I'd like to make more.

Finally, I've taken up working through Hands-On Chaos Magic again. For a while I got stuck on the breathing exercises, but I recently trooped through to work on more stuff.

My routine stuff has been unchanged. I still do purification, energy work, offerings, and meditation.

Meanwhile, Polyphanes published a nifty little post about setting a daily spiritual practice that covers a lot. Go check it out!

I'm still reading through some more philosophical things, but have finally got on to Tsultrim Allione's book "Feeding Your Demons". It's a fascinating concept which, along with my current personal work, I hope will give some great results.

I still don't have much going on in the way of spirit work, apart from thralls.

One thing I've finally delved into a bit more is binaural beats. I don't know of any scientific studies to prove or disprove their efficacy, but so far there seems to be something there.